TEXAS EXPRESS is a country/bluegrass band that has performed in North and South America as a duo, trio, quartet, and quintet.  Led by Michael Shay, members have included Sam Guthridge, Geoff Union, Phoebe Hunt, Patrick McAvinue, Ryan Hagler, Andy Sebastia, Garrett Siegers, Jordan Tice, and Brittany Haas..  After two cultural exchange tours funded by the United States Department of State and the US Embassy Quito brought them together in Ecuador in 2012, they were finalists in 2013 for the "American Music Abroad" program, and are an alternate band for the 2014-2015 program.  

   The band released an EP in June 2012, and the full-length CD "Disfruteria!" in March 2013.  After performances in Ecuador, New York, and Maryland in 2012, the band toured in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona in late 2013, and presented the "country music camp" in Armenia, Colombia May 2014 in a cultural exchange program sponsored by the Colombian-American Bi-National Center of Armenia.  The band continues to perform occasionally in the USA and Ecuador.

Click on the links below to hear tracks from the Texas Expres CD "Disfruteria".  

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I've Endured - (Sam Guthridge lead vocal)

Portrait of a Heroine - (Michael Shay lead vocal and composition)

Let Me Fall - (Sam Guthridge lead vocal)

I Truly Understand - (Michael Shay lead vocal and arrangement)

The Birds do Sing - (Michael Shay lead vocal and composition)

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