Decadence - Ten Years of Music 2012-2002

The best way to get your hands on one is to come to a show; or email (shaycentral at g mail) to request your copy through the contact page on this website, and a physical copy will be sent to you for $15, shipping included.  Just send your shipping address and whether you'd prefer to pay by check or paypal or credit card, and we'll contact you to follow up with the details from there.  

The Just Desserts - "La Valentina"

2010 CD with full band:  Ecuadorian, "Americana", Balkan, experimental, some vocal, some instrumental. Co-produced with Rob Halverson, recorded in Quito, Ecuador and Austin, Texas.  Guest appearances from: Antonio Cilio, Andy Sebastia, Juan Carlos Velasco, Cayo Iturralde, Felix Castañeda, Milton Castañeda, Paul Klemperer, Mark Rubin, Doug Marcis, Lillis Urban, Lauren Dickson, Marcus Graf, Jonathan Hoyle, Will Taylor, and Rob Halverson.

iTunes USA: "La Valentina"

CDBABY: "La Valentina"

iTunes ECUADOR: "La Valentina"


The Just Desserts - "Love or Die"

The Just Desserts - "Meet Me at the Playground"

Michael Shay - "Lines of Darkness, Lines of Light"

Alive and Well - "Life is Short"

From 2002: With Geoff Union on guitar, an acoustic duo CD of "Americana" tunes.  Folk, country, bluegrass.  Michael sings his songs on guitar, and accompanies Geoff's songs on the cello.  Vocal harmonies galore.

CDBABY: "Life is Short"


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