"With the detailed ear of a classical musician, a rocker's hunger for intensity, a passion for every style of music under the sun and an endlessly improvisational attitude, Shay's songs and his lush baritone voice reflects a vision of life and music comfortably outside the box."   

MICHAEL SHAY is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer based out of Austin and Ecuador..  Classically trained, yet more deeply steeped in the music of his native Texas, fifteen years of performing an equal number of styles of music eventually led him back to his roots as a Texas songwriter - with an inevitable twist:  His previous work with world music duo The Just Desserts and country-bluegrass band Texas Express saw him performing and collaborating in Canada, Italy, Spain, France, England, Denmark, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico, in addition to most of the United States where he currently focuses his travels.

With 6 CD releases exploring genres as diverse as folk, rockbluegrass, tango, Balkan, swing, Catalan, Indian, Andean, Latin, country and classical, Shay will release two CD's: in 2014:  the compilation "How to Pull a Man out of a Hat - ten years of musical schitzophrenia 2002-2012" and "Long Gone See", a new CD of original songs recorded live in quintet, followed by a full band Western USA tour summer of 2015.  Late 2015 will see the release of "Motherland", another more electric CD begun in 2006 in Austin and being finished in Ecuador almost nine years later.