MICHAEL SHAY is a singer, songwriter, cellist, guitarist, bassist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and music educator who lives between Quito, Ecuador and Austin, Texas.  Classically trained on the cello and steeped in the music of his native Texas, his work with musicians, dancers, puppeteers, actors, choreographers, writers, filmmakers, music therapists, and other music educators has seen him working in Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Malaysia, Italy, Spain, France, England, Denmark, Morocco and all over the United States.

   With 6 original CD releases exploring genres as diverse as bluegrass, folk, psychedelic rock, tango, Balkan, swing, Catalan, Indian, Andean, Latin and classical, Michael currently performs with the country/bluegrass band Texas Express, the world music trio Pacheco, Regnier, and Shay, gives workshops worldwide, and directs a music school in Austin.  Michael has a B.A. in Music from Prescott College.